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Aunt Cindy's Homestyle               10 inch GIANT Cookie Cake 

Our 10 inch Large Cookie is just like our 14 inch cookie except it is a little smaller.  Instead of needing three bags of our cookie mixes, it only takes two.  If you are looking for that unique gift or you just want something other than a cake for that special occasion, here is an idea for you. You can bake it plain or ice and decorate it.  

Aunt Cindy's Cookies has a packaged set available so you can bake your very own 10 inch Large Cookie full of wholesome goodness. Just like all of Aunt Cindy's Cookie mixes, this large treat is made with nothing but the best ingredients.  
 You will be able to bake one of these huge cookies in your own oven.  Our package will include two of our cookie mixes along with a 12 inch round cake board, and a 10 inch round aluminum cake pan and instructions, so you can bake only the best in your very own oven.  You will love baking this giant cookie and so will your friends and family.  If you have a special occasion such as a birthday or going away, you can decorate it for that special day.

We have posted some samples of decorated Large Cookies so you can get an idea for your own event.  

We are confident that you will love all our products and we know you will be back for more.  ENJOY!

If you happen to already have a 10 inch cake pan, then all you need is two bags of our cookie mix.  Simply follow the direction on the bag for each mix.  Now prepare your 10 inch pan by spraying it very well with a non-stick spray.
You can also put parchment paper in the bottom of your pan just to make sure the cookie does not stick but it is required.  Now spread the prepared dough from the two bags into your 10 inch cake pan.  (You have enough dough to take out 6 to 8 small cookie balls and bake them separately on a cookie sheet if you want) Bake at 350 degrees until the cookie is set.  Start checking the cookie about 15 to 18 minutes into the baking process.  To make sure the cookie is done, very slightly wiggle the pan while it is still in the oven to see if it jiggles in the middle.  If it doesn't, pull the cookie out of the oven.  Don't let it over bake. Let the cookie cool for a short while, maybe 10 to 15 minutes before trying to remove it from the pan.  When you are ready, loosen around the edge of the cookie with a butter knife making sure you don't cut into the cookie.  Now if it is cool enough, invert the pan and cookie onto a large cookie sheet.  Now place the 12 inch cake board on top of the upside down cookie. Invert the cookie so it is sitting upright on the 12" cake board.  Pull the pan off slowly. Once your 10 inch cookie is completely cooled, you can decorate your cookie for your special occasion.  



There are many ways to decorate your giant cookie, or just leave it plain without any decorations.  If you want to decorate it, you can take a can of chocolate or vanilla icing. Spread 1/2 the can onto the top of the cookie.  Use the other 1/2 of the can to pipe a boarder around the edge.  Now you can use bite size chocolate pieces of your choice, icing roses, sprinkles or anything else you desire.  Write a special message like "Happy Birthday" on the cookie if you like.  Check out some of our examples below on Giant Decorated Cookies. You can also see step by step pictures of a 10" Giant Cookie being prepared and baked.


Don't forget to visit our guestbook page and leave a comment or two about your baking experience.
Aunt Cindy's 10 inch cookie set comes with one 10" cake pan, 2 bags of Aunt Cindy's Chocolate Chip Cookie mix and one 12" cake round board.  Makes GREAT GIFTS for the Baker in your Life.



Below you can follow the images to actually see how a 10" giant cookie is prepared, mixed, baked and put onto the cake board for you to decorate.  See above for examples of decorated giant cookies.  Visit our guestbook page and leave a comment to let us know if this was helpful.  HAPPY BAKING!

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